Flood and Water Damage Restoration in Cranbourne

A flood is one of the worst things that could happen to anyone. When your home or business gets flooded, you must take action right away to protect yourself and your family. One of the biggest dangers caused by floods is the high level of mould growth. Mould will grow throughout the affected area very rapidly if left unchecked. If your home has been damaged by over flow of water, please contact us at Melbourne Flood Master in Cranbourne. We provide reliable and swift water and damage restoration services. And with our expert service and guidance, we can make sure that your home is restored safely and efficiently.

How does restoration take place?

A flood can be hard for anyone to handle. It can cause serious harm to your house’s structure and contents, causing mould and mildew contamination. If you experience water damage, contact a professional restoration company right away. They will help restore your property so it can be returned to its original state. We at Melbourne Flood Master follow a systematic approach of restoring your property. Let us see how this works:

  • Inspection– Our experts will first assess the volume of harm and determine the extent of the damage. We will then list the damage according to the level of severity. Our team will examine the zones affected by the destruction and assign them to one of four categories based on the degree of harm. Once we’ve finished evaluating the harm, our teams will inform you about the results. Our consultants will then arrive at your location to evaluate the extent of the harm and provide an estimate.
  • Water extraction– We will then remove all standing water. This will help reduce future damage to the property and also prevent the potential growth of mould. Industry-standard submersible pumping systems and vacuum systems are used by professionals to complete this task.
  • Dehumidification– We remove all the moisture from the affected area, followed by drying out the damaged parts. In addition, we dehumidify the affected areas by using dehumidifiers, so that mould doesn’t grow.
  • Cleaning and Sanitising– We start with professional cleaning after all the water has been drained away. We utilize aggressive cleaning practices along with immersive cleaning approaches to get your flooring thoroughly dried out and cleaned at the same time.
  • Restoration– The final step is restoring your damaged property to its original condition. This could involve simple repairs or extensive rebuilding depending on the severity and extent of the damage.


Key highlights of our offerings:

  • We work persistently to get your house restored.
  • Our professionals will reach the site within an hour due to our quick response time.
  • Our team is trained to quickly determine the extent of the destruction and start repairing it.

Why choose us?
We at Melbourne Flood Master provide affordable water and flood damage restoration services in Cranbourne. Our goal is to restore your property as soon as possible so you can return to normal life. During a crisis, time is of the essence, and we strive to respond quickly to your needs. We also offer emergency service for all of our customers of Cranbourne and this ensures a response within 1 hour. So, if you live in Cranbourne and you have recently been a victim of flooding then what are your waiting for? Contact us at Melbourne Flood Master to avail yourself of our reliable water and flood damage restoration services.

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