Water and Flood Damage Restoration in Laverton

It doesn’t occur frequently, but when it does, it can be terrifying. You only need to make one call to our Melbourne Flood Master’s “Qualified professionals” to give you the best water and flood damage restoration in Laverton!

We have dealt with anything from broken pipes to sewage overflows to overflowing washing machines and to natural disasters. We can quickly restore the property to its pre-loss condition with the least amount of inconvenience for you or your tenant thanks to our powerful extraction machines and top-notch drying equipment.

We are aware that having flood damage in your Laverton home or place of business may only happen once in a lifetime. The disruption to the business’s regular operations can be worrying. But don’t worry we are here to support you.

Skilled Technicians In Laverton

Our skilled specialists not only have the know-how and resources to return the property to its pre-loss condition swiftly and effectively, but we also have a kind and understanding demeanor toward people who are impacted. Assisting and advising on the best way to restore the property is our goal, and we do this by walking clients through each stage of the process so they are fully informed of it from beginning to end.

With the aid of cutting-edge drying equipment, we can recover the space in the fastest possible way. We use the best equipment available in the industry to remove extra or loose water from the property.

When dealing with wet furniture and upholstered items, time is the key. So, if you ever find yourself in a flood or water harm crisis, just give that us a call, and you’ll get a prompt call to action!

We Use Highly-Effective Techniques

Our skilled water damage restoration professionals will arrive at your location in the shortest amount of time possible, analyze the situation, and advise you on the best course of action. They will also help you move any furniture before extracting and removing the excess loose water from the area.


Once the moisture and humidity levels are at a manageable level, highly efficient drying equipment may be installed to return the property to its pre-loss condition.

We utilize high-quality equipment that has been tested and marked for safe use inside your premises. We are completely qualified and insured.

What Is Our Restoration Procedure?

To restore flood damage in Laverton, we at Melbourne Flood Master employ a methodical methodology and a disciplined technique.

Inspection – We start by looking over the area to gauge the extent of the damage and its effects.

Classification – Depending on how much devastation each harm created, we will classify the damages. The classifications vary from Class 1 for minimal harm to Class 4 for significant harm.

Mould eradication – We identify every area affected by flooding and level it appropriately. We also find and eliminate any obvious or concealed mould development.

Extraction – For better and faster results, we extract the collected water using equipment of the highest caliber, such as submersible pumps and vacuums.

Dehumidification – Following extraction, the entire affected area is dehumidified and dried using an air mover and a dehumidifier to get rid of any moisture that may have been absorbed by surfaces. This will stop the growth of mould and future damage.

Cleaning – To achieve both dry and wet cleaning, the area must be cleaned simultaneously with abrasive and immersion cleaning techniques.

Sanitization – For the health and safety of anyone residing or working in the area, our professionals would do sanitization as our cleaners continued their cleaning duties.

Restoration – Finally, we return the area to its pre-damaged condition following the designated level of damage. The restoration procedure may involve small fixes or substantial reconstruction, depending on these.

Why choose us?

We at Melbourne Flood Master will handle all of your restoration needs and offer quick and efficient service for water and flood damage restoration in Laverton. We provide emergency services around-the-clock, and our qualified and experienced experts will deliver them. We’ll give you all the assistance you need to restore the property. For every job, we guarantee premium quality and professional standards.

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